What is Pursuit of the MotYA?

A ‘just because selfie.’ Notice the nice blurry filter? It’s made by sticky little fingers touching your camera lens. No you don’t have that one? Sorry. #momhacks

We are all in constant pursuit of something. Especially moms. We can’t help but to always want to do our best. How can I get ahead on groceries? What is my son going to want for his birthday? Am I doing everything I can to give my kids the best possible education? It’s that drive to be better at everything at an attempt to better the lives of our children. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a competition by any means. But it can be exhausting.

I’m talking about The Mother of the Year Award. In one way or another we are trying for it, breaking our backs, wearing ourselves thin, but it’s not for us. We truly want what’s best for our children. At our house I use the term Mother of the Year Award as a running joke. Anytime someone questions my parenting or I do something I could regret as a parent. I just simply say, “Don’t worry, Karen, I’m adding it to this year’s MotYA application.”

Sometimes it’s well deserved sarcasm. Like when I’m holding my toddler in one hand and gracefully balancing a 20 oz. in the other. Or maybe I accidently hit my child’s head in the wooden door frame entering another room. (Not at all from experience, wink wink.)

Ladies relax, there is no real Mother of the Year Award to my knowledge. You are what is best for your kids. Keep doing what you do best mommas! After all we all (almost all) deserve a Mother of the Year Award!

Enjoy! Or not.


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