Into the Summer of NO

Summer is right around the corner and honestly I don’t know if I’m supposed to be excited for it or leery of what lies ahead. Our local pools officially announced that none of them would open, some firework shows have already been cancelled (The 4th of July is still almost two months away) there’s limited access to state parks including many surrounding lakes. Playgrounds remain closed while splash pads are up in the air. The zoo in Fort Wayne has announced there will be timed access to zoo members only in mid-June to early July with an Independence Day opening. There will be restrictions and action put into place to keep social distancing. Do we travel? Are there going to be things open if we travel? Is it safe? Am I risking my safety, my family’s safety, or the health and safety of others if I do choose to travel?

We live in Indiana and summer is about the only six weeks of nice weather we get throughout the year. My husband and I are also teachers meaning summer is typically a time to not only de-stress from school, catch up around the home, and refresh from a school year, but it’s also a space to prepare for the school year yet to come. This summer ‘break’ is also a critical time with our two young children. Without the freedoms summer brings with it, I’m worried about how my students and my own kids will cope.

This will be a break from ‘remote learning,’ and a time to prepare for next year, but with a whole new list of preparations for a fall school year we’ve never ventured.

Sure we can get by with our little plastic pool at home, backyard ball, water balloon fights, puddle jumping, sprinklers, and walks…but is this the true break our kids and selves need? A summer for us is generally packed full with several trips, swimming pools, long vacations, renovations, and ball games. Now what? We are contemplating our bi-annual road trip to Florida, but would it be worth 16+ hour drive? Can we relax on the beaches? Will it be crowded? Would we be able to do anything when we got there? Will the amusement parks open? Will we ever be able to use our canceled Disney World tickets? Are we going to have to wear masks in 100 degree weather? Is it worth the risk of exposure?

For now we will continue to be thankful for our health and safety. For now we will stay close to home.

“How do we conquer a potential summer of no?”

A summer of no baseball.

A summer of no travel.

A summer of no pools.

A summer of no concerts.

A summer of no Disney World.

A summer of no vacation.


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