14 things I learned during my 14 day Quarantine

“I need an ‘I Survived Quarantine’ Shirt”
  1. Amazon stands for AMAZING. I have no doubts about Amazon’s wealth. Let’s face it Amazon deserves it. There were so many things I got a great deal on that came in a matter of a few days. Plus customer service is unmatched. It made a huge difference.
  2. Stay Busy This includes the kiddos. Keep the day full of games, homework, family movies, and playtime.
  3. Enjoy the Little Things Whether you’re little one learned a new color or how to tell you when they have to go on the potty. SOAK it ALL in.
  4. Schedule: You don’t have to stick to an exact schedule or do everything you would do out of quarantine, but try to stay on pace with your daily/weekly routines. Keep up with work so it doesn’t get overwhelming when you get to go back in person. If you have a specific day you do laundry still do it on that day.
  5. Quarantine is not a Vacation It may seem like it at first or have moments where you’ll feel like you’re on vacation, but trust me it’s not. You can try to make the most of it though.
  6. Get Fresh Air Even if it’s a little cold out, try to get outside or hang out near a window. The Vitamin D and fresh air can really make a difference.
  7. Go for a Drive If you’re sticking to a true quarantine you probably aren’t seeing family or friends. This would also mean no going into stores or restaurants. Try going for a long drive. We had the benefit of nice Christmas lights to look at, but there’s other sites to explore from the comfort of your car and still enjoy being out of the house.
  8. Cook or Bake something New and Fresh No bake cookies? Homemade bread? Why not? Even let the kids help out.
  9. Find ways to Keep your Space Even in a larger home with many levels and rooms it’s important to find some room to yourself. Get work done, have some quiet time, and not do something for a little while. It will help you steer clear of cabin fever.
  10. Two Weeks is a LONG Time to Isolate I feel like I watched my kids grow up right before my eyes in two weeks’ time. It was nice to really take in their personalities and help them grow.
  11. It’s Hard As much as you may love those you live with it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Routines all mixed up, plans changing, working from home, and balancing two toddlers is no easy task. Be patient and understanding with each other. Then forgive each other. We have to remember these situations aren’t the greatest, but they are temporary. Things will get better.
  12. Family you’ll never be closer to family more than in quarantine. This goes for those you live with and friends who count as family. You’ll find out who is there to help you out and the ones who will risk getting sick just to spend time with you.
  13. Have a Project during the first lockdown in our state we did a lot of home projects. For this two week quarantine, my husband and I focused our extra time and energy on building an indoor playground. With a sure to be extra long winter it only seemed fair to make something in our home for our kids to get their energy out and have fun in. We transformed our basement storage room into a playground with a slide, ball pit, ‘floor is lava’ play area, and swing.
  14. Go Easy on Your Kids They don’t completely understand what’s going on. Their days and weeks, and now months have been a mess. Kids also have this strange ability to absorb the feelings we are expressing. If you are a wreck and frustrated they will be too. Try to take the time to make sure their well-being is okay even if it means letting them do something they wouldn’t normally do. For example: (Our two-year-old refused to wear pants an entire week) or (One night our five-year-old wanted to sleep at the foot of our bed and watch Scooby Doo until 1:30 in the morning). It’s okay to do something out of the usual. Kids process things differently than adults.


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