24 Days of Elf on a Shelf

Elf on the Shelf Day 1

Day 1 December 1: Advent Calendars, a note, and naming the new baby elf.

Deciding whether to get an Elf on the Shelf or not? Here are some ideas if you already have one or if you’re making the decision to get one.

I will be really honest with you. I was always strongly AGAINST getting an elf. I never had one growing up and from what I saw they were an overpriced, stupid, and some kind of an ugly doll I didn’t want anything to do with.

Well then Grandma and Grandpa found one on sale after Christmas one year and the fun began.

I did my research for the next year and thought fine, I’ll give it a try and well it came with a book and I LOVE books. It couldn’t be so bad right?

If you’re looking for an age I would say 4/5 is a great age to start. (Every kid is different.) We read the book and introduced the elf to our son at the beginning of December. He was all about it right away. He named our elf “Mr. Flipper.” My favorite part is when they name them. It sticks and fits right away just like when you get a family pet. And boy they don’t forget their elf’s name.

Mr. Flipper did all sorts of things and I tell you 24 days is a lot of different ideas. That’s part of the fun for the adults and keeps us challenged. It can also add a little extra stress to an already stressful holiday season, but seeing your child’s reaction is always priceless. Sometimes the easiest ideas are their most loved and memorable moments about the elf.

This year we even purchased our daughter (she’s 2 almost 3) an elf. Her elf is a little different. She loves babies so I found the most adorable elf baby on Etsy. It even came with a little birth certificate and a tiny baby bottle. I couldn’t resist. Our daughter named her baby elf Baby Simon. “No idea where she got it from,” but I love it.

For the first day the elf or elves arrive we try to make it extra special. This year we placed them with a card from the elf/elves and advent calendar with little treats. They were so excited to see Mr. Flipper and the new elf. They also get to unwrap a small prize or treat each day until Christmas.

Keep following along for more ideas for your elf!


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