Whole30 Challenge Day 6

I slept for a solid 8 hrs! That never happens (mostly because my kids don’t either). I didn’t wake up several times, I didn’t need to scroll on my phone for hours, or have sleep anxiety. That’s with drinking about 10 oz of coffee in the morning and two shots of espresso in the early afternoon. How amazing is that?

I also started my Whole30 support group through work (usually not my thing). I learned you’re not supposed to snack too often and you shouldn’t have too much coffee. (Haha…oops). I don’t think I’m budging on these two things, but I already noticed I don’t need to snack very often or if I do it’s very small. Also the coffee I am having is just that…plain coffee. Not an expensive 400+ calorie dairy and sugar loaded drink.

What I love most about Whole30 so far is that I am not skipping meals, I’m not counting calories, and I honestly feel great. I also really appreciate being able to eat if I’m hungry as long as it’s a healthy approved choice. Not to mention, I like a challenge. Being a typical lacto-ovo vegetarian has certainly been hard to navigate with Whole30, but it’s not impossible.

Breakfast: the usual coffee+unsweetened almond milk and a banana

Lunch: carrots, sun butter, half serving mixed trail mix, mini Lara bar, and raspberries

Snack: clementine, other half serving of trail mix, 2 shots of espresso

Dinner: guacamole x2, garden salad minus croutons-cheese and no dressing, steamed broccoli x2

Snack: small handful of strawberries

Takeaway: I really detest the smell of sun butter. 🤢

I successfully survived going out to dinner. It was my daughter’s actual birthday and she wanted to go to Red Robin. If you would have asked me a week ago to go get bottomless broccoli instead of fries I would’ve laughed. If I’d have gone to Red Robin day 2 or 3 of this challenge I would have eaten fries and ranch and started the challenge a different day. I got a refill on salad, guacamole, and broccoli all at a great cost too. I WAS SO FULL!


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