Whole30 Challenge Day 7

“Bottomless Broccoli=Bottomless Gas”

One whole week down and going STRONG! If you can imagine consuming a lot of new strange food with an almost entirely fruit and vegetable diet will result in some sort of funky gas to go with it. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. Just remember you smelt it you dealt it.

The big challenge ahead will be a weekend trip away at one of our favorite getaways, Frankenmuth, Michigan. We are staying at our much beloved and frequented Bavarian Inn Lodge. While I’m no stranger to checking a menu ahead of time or reading ingredient labels, I know this is going to be a struggle.

Not only will I not be indulging in my favorite mudslide or cashew caramel apple, but NO PIZZA, NO BREAD, NO ALCOHOL, and NO PASTA. I always say if you can or have breastfeed/pumped while traveling while you have littles or multiple littles, “You can accomplish anything.”

I already carry a small backpack filled with an array of stuff for the kids. So this weekend I’ll be packing snacks for myself, a few dressings that I know are Whole30 approved, and maybe some juice. Let’s face it though almost every food place sells a nice salad, some sort of steamed vegetables, a baked potato, sweet potato, eggs or even a fruit bowl. Don’t worry I won’t starve. And yes, they will have coffee or espresso available.

I’m actually looking forward to the challenge. We indulge in so much rich and sweet food when we visit Frankenmuth, MI or go on any vacation you really just feel awful and bloated, or get a bad headache after enjoying the great food.

Breakfast: coffee+unsweetened almond milk, banana

Snack: mini Lara Bar

Lunch: cut green beans, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, almonds

Snack: clementine, handful of cashews

Dinner: scrambled eggs, shredded cooked potatoes, sautéed mirepoix, guacamole, a cup of coffee with unsweetened almond milk

Snack: regular Lara Bar

Takeaway: Today was a hard day. I made the mistake of not balancing out breakfast and lunch (it was almost all fruit). By the time I got home and had a late dinner I was craving all sorts of stuff. Sweet or salty I wanted anything bad for me.

The good news is I resisted all the junk food and after finally getting to sit down for dinner, I felt so much better. We also tried mirepoix for the first time (I highly recommend). In the future, I’m hoping a more full lunch with some nuts, sun butter, or guacamole will help with this kind of slump.


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