Whole30 Challenge Day 16

Believing you can do something is over half the battle.

I’m more of a vegetarian now than I’ve ever been. I’ve been a lacto ovo vegetarian now for about 16 years and my diet has never been so full of fruits and vegetables. Pastas, cheese, beans, soy products, peanut butter, and other dairy have always been a HUGE chunk of my daily diet. Now I can eat my fill of a variety fruits and vegetables along with approved Whole30 nuts and be perfectly content.

Breakfast:coffee with unsweetened almond milk, banana, cashews, and a mini Lara bar

Lunch: pickles, applesauce, carrots and guacamole, strawberries, small latte with unsweetened macadamia milk

Dinner: banana, 4 scrambled eggs, hash browns with ghee and sugar free ketchup, strawberries, 8 ounce blend of carrot juice/apple juice/orange juice

Takeaway: First day with zero snacks between or after meals.


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