Whole30 Challenge Day 17

Date night Whole30 style.

Where do you go out for date night that’s Whole30 approved? No drinking, no fried food, no pizza, no desserts and no pasta? The struggle is real!

While finding a place to eat out is already hard enough. Finding a place open late on a Saturday in a COVID world was another struggle. We found a local Mexican restaurant with made fresh daily items on the menu.

Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs, strawberries, coffee and unsweetened almond milk

Lunch: carrots, guacamole, applesauce, Lara Bar

Snack: cashews, banana chips

Dinner: salad bowl with romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, salsa, and guacamole

Dessert: banana, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, cinnamon

Takeaway: It was really hard not to say let’s splurge. It’s only one night. No one’s going to know. We haven’t had a date night in a while. It was hard not getting a drink or ordering an entire pizza to split. Also no fun dessert with extra sugar sure to send you into a diabetic stupor. Guess what it was just as nice not doing all those things and being on a date. We got some much needed time away from the kids and it was great not feeling stuffed and bloated from all that splurging.


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