Whole30 Challenge Day 18

It’s all in the sauces.

Going out to eat is a struggle on Whole30, but it got a little easier today. I brought a little ghee, some sugar free ketchup, and my own unsweetened almond milk. Yes, I was that person today, but it was well worth it. I was able to order what I really wanted for breakfast and left full.

Breakfast: 5 egg plain omelette, potatoes with sugar free ketchup, coffee with unsweetened almond milk

Lunch: 2 mini Lara bars, trail mix, small macadamia milk latte, sliced pickles

Dinner: garlic cauliflower rice, sweet potato chunks with Dijon mustard, California blend, carrot and orange juice

Takeaway: I’m on the homestretch and it feels good. Now I need to decide whether to stop and start reintroducing foods after day 30 or try for the Whole60.


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