Weird Things Moms Do

Let’s talk pee sticks!

Weird Thing #1

Moms are great warriors of the home, keeper of the kids, mega multitaskers. But let’s face it we do some weird and questionable things.

Weird thing #1 is not only strange, but just plain unsanitary. I’m talking about saving your positive pregnancy tests. That’s right you know who you are out there.

The first time I realized people did this was when my now mother-in-law pulled out her positive pee stick swimming with E. coli and whatever else from her nightstand wrapped in a small plastic bag. This thing was almost twenty years old!

All I remember is that is so gross. I’m never ever going to do that. And here I am years later. I have two of these little gems. They hold no value, they take up space, they’re disgusting, and poorly preserved. Yet they are also so very very precious. These pee covered relics encapsulate the exact moment we found out we were mothers. After so many other negative tests, lines that never appeared, or plus signs that didn’t show up even long after a endless prayers. These reminders bring you back to a time you couldn’t capture with the best of cameras.

You are a mom! Your life was forever changed peeing on that stick. Keep it with pride mommas!

Who else saved their positive pregnancy tests? Inquiring minds also want to know where do you put these things? In your nightstand…under the bathroom sink…?


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