Whole30 Challenge Day 22

Live and Learn

How is it even possible to have such a great day 21 and such a terrible day 22? This was by far the worst and hardest day to date. I blame myself. It was a stressful busy day and I felt behind on everything including eating, packing, or being prepared.

I wanted to give up. I didn’t care about health or Whole30. I didn’t care if I was feeling better or skinnier. EVERYTHING sounded good to eat and drink especially the bad stuff. Just a little bit wouldn’t hurt right? Who would know? Who else would care?

Breakfast: banana, coffee and unsweetened almond milk

Lunch: carrots, Lara bar, applesauce

Snack: banana, clementine

Dinner: lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, steamed broccoli, and grapes

Snack: 3 mini Lara Bars

If you read through my food diary it’s really easy to tell how I failed today. I didn’t have time for eggs in the morning, I forgot to pack guacamole for lunch and the trail mix I packed didn’t sound good, and I ran out of time to get a snack or pack a hearty side for dinner. (We went to a birthday party at Olive Garden). OG literally has almost nothing Vegetarian and Whole30 approved. Yikes!

It was also a late night with errands, grumpy kids, and baking for a get together the next day. This would all have been stressful even without dieting. Add Whole30 to the mix and poof failure. Just a few more days!


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