Whole30 Challenge Day 23

The Social Bug

After a terrible Day 22, I’m trying to keep it together this last week of Whole30. There’s many challenges to face up ahead. I’ve conquered birthday parties, vacation, and going out to dinner. Now we have a family get together “pizza party,” to trudge through. There’s baking cupcakes, brownies, adult beverages, and yes pizza. And to top it off my husband was so kind to bring home the inevitable “Girl Scout Cookies!”

Breakfast: banana and coffee with unsweetened almond milk

Lunch: cashews, guacamole and carrots, coffee with unsweetened macadamia milk

Dinner: scrambled eggs, carrots, broccoli, guacamole, unsweetened applesauce, carrot juice and orange juice

Dessert: (yeah yeah yeah no dessert) Whole30 cookies (2 mashed bananas, 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/4 cup almond flour, 1/2 cup almond butter, and 1/2 cup raisins or crushed nuts) cooked on parchment paper at 350 degrees for 12 minutes

Takeaway: Whole30 is great and all but it’s been another day of, “I’m kind of over this,” mood.

Also something has been giving me terrible bad breath since being on Whole30. I can’t tell if it’s the eggs, the macadamia milk, or the carrot/orange juice? Maybe it’s the combination of all the strange new assortment of foods.

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