Whole30 Challenge Day 24

Saturday Bliss

After a couple of rough days, it was great to feel good again. Lots of rest, eating at home, and not skipping meals is key to success when it comes to Whole30. Teaching definitely increases your appetite and exhaustion levels. Add trying to eat on a packed day of teaching and impromptu responsibilities is a challenge on normal eating habits. Being a mother, teacher, wife, entertainer, and writer just makes everything even more of a struggle.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash browns with sugar free ketchup, coffee and unsweetened almond milk

Lunch: 2 banana cocoa raisin cookies, pineapple chunks

Check out Day 23 for full cookie recipe!

Snack: cashews, trail mix, coffee with unsweetened macadamia milk

Dinner: vegetable soup with cauliflower gnocchi, mashed potatoes, green beans

Takeaway: 24 days without eating candy from my prize box, 24 days without eating any of my kids’ snacks, 24 days without fries, pasta, and pizza, and 24 days alcohol free!


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