Whole30 Challenge Day 25

“That cheese pull though…”

The countdown is on and now the looming question begins of what to eat in the days after Whole30? What habits changed and what new habits do I keep? As much as you want to stop Whole30 you’ve also worked hard to get to where you’re at so changing your new Whole30 lifestyle seems almost like a shock. I strangely compare my first official meal non-Whole30 to what you’d pick for your “last meal” so to speak.

It’ll likely be Giordanos Deep Dish Cheese pizza, beer, and homemade buttermilk cookies. I also have the terrible feeling that none of these things are going to make me feel so great afterwards. Will they be ‘worth it,’ anymore?

Breakfast: Eggs, Unsweetened Almond Milk with Coffee

Lunch: carrots, guacamole, cashews, plantain chips, mini Lara Bar, coffee with unsweetened almond milk

Dinner: baked potato with ghee, sweet potato chunks baked with olive oil and dipped in Dijon mustard, scrambled eggs

Snack: two mini Lara bars

Takeaway: What was your first ‘bad’ meal post Whole30? What adverse reactions did you have to the foods you were newly re-introducing?


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