Best Homemade Fettuccini Alfredo

A super easy wholesome family favorite past down from grandparents!

What you’ll need…

32 ounces of sour cream

1 stick of butter

16 ounces shredded Parmesan cheese

1/2-1 Tablespoon garlic powder

2 teaspoons or more of black pepper

8 ounces (you can do more or none at all it’s up to you) stem and pieces mushrooms canned

1-2 boxes of cooked pasta your choice

Optional: Sliced and cooked chicken breast 1-2 pounds

Step 1: in a large pot add water to a boil and desired noodles

Step 2: while the noodles are preparing, in a large sauce pan set to low/medium put one whole stick of butter stir often until completely melted

Step 3: Add all sour cream and shredded Parmesan cheese at once to the sauce pan and stir with the butter. Continue to stir regularly careful not to burn or scorch these ingredients. As the cheese starts to melt add in all of mushrooms and stir again.

Step 4: add in desired garlic powder and pepper to sauce pan to taste, keep stirring the sauce often and adjust temperature of the burner as needed. When all ingredients are a smooth sauce you’re done!

Step 5: when noodles are done drain and serve. You can mix the sauce with the noodles or keep separate. This makes for a great dipping sauce with garlic bread or breadsticks. We usually use fettuccine or penne noodles and serve with a salad.

(If you are adding chicken breast you can keep separate or stir into the sauce after it is fully cooked)



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