Ode to 2020

The flowers brought about by springtime have always been a glowing symbol of rebirth and a fresh start. This year they also served as reminder of a time of what was just starting one year ago.

2020 was many things. For a lot of people it was a terrible unthinkable year full of uncertainties.

I can’t say that 2020 was perfect. We were fortunate. We were lucky. I worked from home 47 days. Gifted days with my family I never would’ve had.

2020 was a year with a theme song, “Into the Unknown.” If you listen closely the chords still echo.

It was full of adventures. Some of them by never leaving our four walls. We played in the rain, we walked and walked and walked. We welcomed babies. We went searching for treasure.

We read books. Made our own festivals. We hid rocks. We made up for canceled vacations. We ventured out. We travelled. We spotted a comet in the hills of West Virginia. We drove 17 hours until we made it back home.

We welcomed the uncertainty.

Cherished what fortunes we were given.

And most importantly kept each other close.

Share your positive memories from 2020 in the comments below.


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