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“Hart Street and Main” by Tabitha Sprunger, available everywhere now!

Becoming an author has always been a dream of mine…a dream long in the making.

The first book I ever wrote has never been published. I finished it when I was just a fifth grader. My fifth grade teacher was my first editor and reader. Mrs. Chapman read through every chapter and line of my first chapter book. I worked through long hours of the night sometimes not sleeping at all to finish it. It was called “Amnesia: Convicted Past.” I later illustrated it in middle school. I still have a digital copy of it somewhere just to read for a good laugh every once and a while.

Fast forward and now my first “officially” published book was more than ten years in the making. Yes, you read that right. I was only 14 years-old when I typed the first two chapters of Hart Street and Main, on an electric typewriter in my bedroom. A room I shared with my two sisters. Those chapters have changed and transformed over the years, but the core to a wonderful trilogy has remained the same.

Now keep in mind within those 10+ years: I graduated high school, worked multiple jobs, went to college, married my high school sweetheart, started my career as an educator, and had two kids.

“It’s been a glorious road to where I am and I wouldn’t change a single thing along this journey.”

In Hart Street and Main you meet Skye Hope. With her you’ll dive into the battles of high school and a lifestyle more complicated and dangerous than she could’ve ever dreamed possible. Along the way, you will find an engaging plot to discover oneself and a world like none other. Readers’ Favorite 2020 says Hart Street and Main is “imaginative and creative,” also “filled with vibrant characters.” It’s Midwest meets Fantasy to create something so much more packed full of action and adventure., May 2021

The first month of Hart Street and Main’s debut release for pre-orders (May 2021) it hit #1 Amazon New Release: in Teen and YA Magical Realism Fiction.

Hart Street and Main has been rated a 5-Star Must-Read by IndieReader.

“Author Tabitha Sprunger has penned a masterly work of fantasy fiction with HART STREET & MAIN, a great read for those seeking fantasy fiction with sophisticated world-building, compelling characters, and intriguing plots.”

~Kathleen Kenney Peterson for IndieReader

Checkout the full review by Kathleen Peterson here:

IndieReader 5-Star, Must-Read Rating, June 2021

Hart Street and Main available at,,,,, BooksAMillion,,, at over 40, 000+ other retailers worldwide.

Get your copy today and start your magical journey with Skye into the Second World in this first installment of the Hart Street and Main series.

Paperback $18.99

Kindle e-book $7.99


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