Elf on the Shelf Day 2

Movie Night 🍿 🎥

It’s time for day two. The kids are getting all excited and slightly nervous for what the elves have in store. The first day we just had our elves out with their book to read for bedtime.

If you started your elf before December or on December 1 like we did it’s important to remember to pace yourself. Things get pretty crazy this time of year and to help avoid forgetting or missing a day it’s good to plan a few ‘low prep’ moves. I try to save lots of ideas I find too just in case it’s been a long day and I can’t think of anything good.

24 days is a ridiculous amount of stunts and tricks for the elves to be involved in. This is our 3rd year doing the elf tradition and each year it’s been a little different. Unfortunately our kids have excellent memories and can remember most of not all the things the elves did in previous years. Which is great but also makes it extra challenging to think of new and creative ideas.

Our first year we didn’t start the elf until December 14 and to be honest 10 days is a good amount of days to get plenty of ‘magic’ in before Christmas.

After we added our second elf it became easier to do different things and spice it up a little. In our second year we also thought it would be fun to involve the elves in our advent calendar countdown. (24 different toys/treats for each kids takes planning and time but you could do one already made). I saw an Elf on the Shelf countdown at Target you could buy pre-made and there’s lots of other options. I like to personalize ours and some of the items the elves bring can go along with the daily events.

The movie night is a classic but the kids get a kick out of it. Usually we will put in a Christmas movie on the tv in the morning so it looks like the elves were up late watching a movie.


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