The Incredible Magical Journey will continue…

Releasing this SUMMER 2022

Hart Street and Main Book 2 Metamorphosis

Cover Art by Ronaldo Alves, Art Director, Atmosphere Press 2022

Praise for Hart Street and Main

Indie Approved Reader 5 Stars

 “Author Tabitha Sprunger has penned a masterly work of fantasy fiction with HART STREET & MAIN, a great read for those seeking fantasy fiction with sophisticated world-building, compelling characters, and intriguing plots.”


Readers’ Favorite Five Star Rated

“Hart Street and Main is a treat for fantasy lovers. Filled with wood fairies, pixies, sorcerers, and a host of other magical creatures, author Tabitha Sprunger’s page-turner of a novel transports you to a land of magic and wonder that is as awe-inspiring as it is captivating.” 

-Readers’ Favorite

#1 Amazon New Release YA Magical Realism Fiction

Will you be allowed to pass through to the Second World? Could you escape the terrors of Agenesis? There’s only one way to find out…

Skye, your slightly above average teenager, has never left the boring little farm town of Alfaro. Her senior year at Black Pine High School ends up taking a stark turn of events as she meets Olli, who she thought was the school’s handsome yet mysterious foreign exchange student. While juggling the challenges of high school, dating, and graveyard golf she starts to realize something is very wrong. Skye begins to see glimpses of an impossible future.

What was believed to be a simple head injury turns out to be much more. As she is taken into the magical Second World, surrounded by royalty, milkweed pixies, and even sorcerers, she is left questioning everything about the life she thought she had in the First World. Skye tries to embrace her new powers, but is also terrified by her discoveries. Can she even trust her own parents anymore? Who or what was the real Skye Hope, and could she live up to the truth?

Book 2 Coming Summer 2022

Could you risk everything you have to save someone you barely know?  Would you be able to summon enough courage to leave everything behind? Only time will tell…

It’s been months since Skye first journeyed through the Second World and slept under the stars with Olli, the future King of Humans in the land known as Gresham.

Skye has been up against more than other girls her age: kidnapping, death threats, and royal princes.  But now she faces something even scarier than the Second World.  She has to first survive graduating high school.  Through friendship and love, Skye may just have a chance to make everything right.

But she wasn’t prepared for just how dark the Second World could be.  The vile sorcerer known as Fideleroi had been hard at work while she was away.  No one is safe anywhere.  There is no place to hide. Join Skye on her next adventure into the Second World filled with twists and turns.  And battle with her against dark magic and evil sorcerers. Will she finally find out what it takes to rule a kingdom, or will she lose everything to discover what she’s capable of?


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