Sneak Peek into Hart Street and Main: Metamorphosis

Hart Street and Main Metamorphosis, Tabitha Sprunger
Cover Art Illustrated by Ronaldo Alves of Atmosphere Press

May 11, 2022, Author Tabitha Sprunger

Releasing this Summer!

Join Skye as she ventures back into the magical yet dangerous Second World in the all new sequel Hart Street and Main Metamorphosis.

In Sprunger’s debut novel, Hart Street and Main readers grew to love the vibrant characters and their multiple points of view. As an #1 New Release in Young Adult Magical Realism Fiction Hart Street and Main’s cliffhanger of an ending set the stage for this next big adventure. While we learned about the many regions of the Second World in book one, readers get to explore deeper into the royal families and Skye’s fate as the future ruler of the wood fairies and sorcerers. This follow-up captivating tale in the fantasy series is sure to delight as its first installment as a 5-Star Indie-Reader and 5-Star Readers’ Favorite reviewed book.

The story explores the tricky waters of Skye and Olli’s complicated relationship. While also focusing heavily on the importance of high school friendship. Popular characters such as milkweed pixie Cliffton Burroughs and Adam Teagardin will make their appearance, but you’ll also have lots of new characters to discover. Some of these include both Jamison Atlas, King of the Merpeople as well as Adalina, Skye’s aunt who is currently the Queen of the Wood Fairies.

There will be no shortage of magic and enchantments in book two of the Hart Street and Main series. Including dark magic and even darker villains. Metamorphosis will not exclude more details about the evil sorcerers Fideleroi and Charles Teagardin. Hart Street and Main Metamorphosis will not disappoint with its thickening plot full of twists and unexpected turns.

Be on the lookout for pre-orders of Hart Street and Main Metamorphosis soon!

Check out the newest Chapter Illustrations by returning Illustrator Joe Traster.


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