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Hart Street and Main: Metamorphosis, Book 2 Author Tabitha Sprunger

If you like action and adventure pre-order your copy of Hart Street and Main Metamorphosis. “Hart Street and Main is a treat for fantasy lovers. Filled with wood fairies, pixies, sorcerers, and a host of other magical creatures, author Tabitha Sprunger’s page-turner of a novel transports you to a land of magic and wonder that is awe-inspiring as it is captivating.” Readers’ Favorite. The second book in the Hart Street and Main series picks up where book one left you with a real cliff hanger. Follow Skye the next in line to the wood fairies and sorcerers, but who is really just a Midwest farm girl experiencing relationship troubles like any other teenager. Skye struggles to find out who she really is. This transformative new development in the series will have you hooked from the very beginning.

You’ll be taken deeper into this new world and get to experience the vibrant characters readers fell in love with such as milkweed pixie Cliffton Burroughs and First World Human Adam Teagardin. New to discover into the pages of book two include a plethora of wood fairies, pirate sorcerers, and wicked villains. “Author Tabitha Sprunger has penned a masterly work of fantasy fiction with HART STREET & MAIN, a great read for those seeking fantasy fiction with sophisticated world-building, compelling characters, and intriguing plots.-IndieReader

Skye ventures back into the magical Second World. But almost as soon as she gets there she’s ready to leave. Will it be for good this time? Full of page-turning thrills and plot twists get ready for the new stunning new addition of the series. Pre-order your copy today!

Map of the Second World, Artist Joe Traster

Gallery of Chapter Illustrations by Joe Traster


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