Whole30 Challenge Day 1

Day 1: You’re supposed to measure and weigh yourself before and at the end of the challenge. I am skipping this step because this caused some big issues with me and weight loss in my adolescence. Instead I’m focusing on health and breaking bad eating habits. These include unhealthy snacking, unhealthy Starbucks trips, and reducingContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 1”

Whole30 Challenge

I’m not usually a big fan of fad diets or weight loss plans, but focusing on your health is important. Who can’t say they let unhealthy habits slip during the never ending pandemic? Whole30 was shared to me by a coworker. It sounded interesting so I did some research and well here I go. ItContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge”

24 Days of Elf on a Shelf

Day 1 December 1: Advent Calendars, a note, and naming the new baby elf. Deciding whether to get an Elf on the Shelf or not? Here are some ideas if you already have one or if you’re making the decision to get one. I will be really honest with you. I was always strongly AGAINSTContinue reading “24 Days of Elf on a Shelf”

Covid-19 Wrong Message?

I don’t deny that Covid-19 is real and that it’s really making people sick and taking peoples’ lives healthy or not but I do have a question? Why has there been so much more push for people to wear masks, isolate, bunker down, quarantine, social distance, get a vaccine, and wash your hands and notContinue reading “Covid-19 Wrong Message?”

14 things I learned during my 14 day Quarantine

Amazon stands for AMAZING. I have no doubts about Amazon’s wealth. Let’s face it Amazon deserves it. There were so many things I got a great deal on that came in a matter of a few days. Plus customer service is unmatched. It made a huge difference. Stay Busy This includes the kiddos. Keep theContinue reading “14 things I learned during my 14 day Quarantine”

Back to School 2020 Style

It’s been a full week back to school with students in the building. Now that I can officially say I’m a teacher during a pandemic, it’s been a little strange. Our school district decided to give families the opportunity to choose between in person learning and remote/virtual. This is great don’t get me wrong. SoContinue reading “Back to School 2020 Style”

Vacationing During a Pandemic

I know…pretty dumb, right? I do not promote or encourage you to embark on vacationing out of your community during a pandemic. Do what you believe is right or based on your own circumstances or what’s permitted in your area. Our family is considered low risk and we have been trying to keep our immuneContinue reading “Vacationing During a Pandemic”

How to Have a Garage Sale

We love garage saling but when it comes to having your own sale there’s a lot you need to know to be successful. Start saving items early. Start collecting items about a year before your actual garage sale (depending on how much you’re wanting to sell or how much storage space you have available). WeContinue reading “How to Have a Garage Sale”

Is it Safe to Return to School?

Will we ever experience ‘normal’ school again? There is an ugly scary truth looming over my future…everyone’s future…the future of our children. Back to school time carries an entirely different meaning in the year 2020. Is it safe to return to school? Within the next few days or weeks children and staff will be returningContinue reading “Is it Safe to Return to School?”

Into the Summer of NO

Summer is right around the corner and honestly I don’t know if I’m supposed to be excited for it or leery of what lies ahead. Our local pools officially announced that none of them would open, some firework shows have already been cancelled (The 4th of July is still almost two months away) there’s limitedContinue reading “Into the Summer of NO”