Dear Target, We Miss You

Dear Target, Our family misses you. If you’ve been social distancing for a few months now you may also be experiencing a strange feeling of loss. I know, I know only a third world problem right? Not only do we miss seeing people, play areas, parks, zoos, going out the dinner, the movie theaters, butContinue reading “Dear Target, We Miss You”

Going to the Movies at Home?

While we were grateful to see our local drive-in recently open back up at 50% capacity, as a family we are still keeping an eye out for the early access movies on Disney + or looking at renting or rent-to-own digitally at home. What’s your stance on buying or renting from home? Just a fewContinue reading “Going to the Movies at Home?”

Dirt-Cheap Entertainment for Kids

Living on a budget or saving up for something big like a vacation or home improvement project? Social distancing and quarantine got you down? Try these dirt-cheap ideas to keep little hands busy. We live in Indiana and the weather is always a toss up. Most days are rainy, windy, or we get surprise snowContinue reading “Dirt-Cheap Entertainment for Kids”

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag?

It seems that everyone in our family got pregnant at the same time. I am completely surrounded by cousins, a sister, and sister in law who are all due in May or June. My heart hurts for all the pregnant mommas out there feeling extra anxious and extra scared or uncertain because of all thisContinue reading “What to Pack in your Hospital Bag?”

8 Sun Safety Tips for Little Ones

I like to get a little sun, but when it comes to my kids it’s safety first. These tips and tricks have saved us on multiple occasions. Including week long Florida trips in summer heat. They worked so well the one year our kids didn’t get ANY sunburn the whole trip! 1. Bucket/Floppy Hat: IfContinue reading “8 Sun Safety Tips for Little Ones”

What is Pursuit of the MotYA?

We are all in constant pursuit of something. Especially moms. We can’t help but to always want to do our best. How can I get ahead on groceries? What is my son going to want for his birthday? Am I doing everything I can to give my kids the best possible education? It’s that driveContinue reading “What is Pursuit of the MotYA?”