Explore Fort Wayne, IN!

1. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo If you live in or near Fort Wayne, IN I highly recommend purchasing a Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Member Zoo Pass. It will not disappoint. There’s a lot to do with the kids or just enjoy a place to spend the afternoon. With an Australian Outback, Indonesian Rainforest, Monkey Island,Continue reading “Explore Fort Wayne, IN!”

14 things I learned during my 14 day Quarantine

Amazon stands for AMAZING. I have no doubts about Amazon’s wealth. Let’s face it Amazon deserves it. There were so many things I got a great deal on that came in a matter of a few days. Plus customer service is unmatched. It made a huge difference. Stay Busy This includes the kiddos. Keep theContinue reading “14 things I learned during my 14 day Quarantine”

Vacationing During a Pandemic

I know…pretty dumb, right? I do not promote or encourage you to embark on vacationing out of your community during a pandemic. Do what you believe is right or based on your own circumstances or what’s permitted in your area. Our family is considered low risk and we have been trying to keep our immuneContinue reading “Vacationing During a Pandemic”

How to Have a Garage Sale

We love garage saling but when it comes to having your own sale there’s a lot you need to know to be successful. Start saving items early. Start collecting items about a year before your actual garage sale (depending on how much you’re wanting to sell or how much storage space you have available). WeContinue reading “How to Have a Garage Sale”

Going to the Movies at Home?

While we were grateful to see our local drive-in recently open back up at 50% capacity, as a family we are still keeping an eye out for the early access movies on Disney + or looking at renting or rent-to-own digitally at home. What’s your stance on buying or renting from home? Just a fewContinue reading “Going to the Movies at Home?”

Dirt-Cheap Entertainment for Kids

Living on a budget or saving up for something big like a vacation or home improvement project? Social distancing and quarantine got you down? Try these dirt-cheap ideas to keep little hands busy. We live in Indiana and the weather is always a toss up. Most days are rainy, windy, or we get surprise snowContinue reading “Dirt-Cheap Entertainment for Kids”