Whole30 Challenge Day 8

It’s pretty easy to get in a food rut. I’m finding I’m eating a lot of the same food often. This makes it easier for prepping meals on the go, but it can get old. It may be time to shake things up a little bit. Breakfast: applesauce, peaches, coffee+unsweetened almond milk Snack: mini LaraContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 8”

Whole30 Challenge Day 7

One whole week down and going STRONG! If you can imagine consuming a lot of new strange food with an almost entirely fruit and vegetable diet will result in some sort of funky gas to go with it. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. Just remember you smelt it you dealt it. The big challenge aheadContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 7”

Whole30 Challenge Day 6

I slept for a solid 8 hrs! That never happens (mostly because my kids don’t either). I didn’t wake up several times, I didn’t need to scroll on my phone for hours, or have sleep anxiety. That’s with drinking about 10 oz of coffee in the morning and two shots of espresso in the earlyContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 6”

Whole30 Challenge Day 3

The real struggle with any diet or food program is the social aspect. Day 3 Whole30 meets, “The Birthday Party.” Having a lot of food that you can’t eat and a lot of people around can make it even more difficult to stick to your restrictions. The one benefit to hosting the birthday party wasContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 3”

Whole30 Challenge Day 1

Day 1: You’re supposed to measure and weigh yourself before and at the end of the challenge. I am skipping this step because this caused some big issues with me and weight loss in my adolescence. Instead I’m focusing on health and breaking bad eating habits. These include unhealthy snacking, unhealthy Starbucks trips, and reducingContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 1”

Whole30 Challenge

I’m not usually a big fan of fad diets or weight loss plans, but focusing on your health is important. Who can’t say they let unhealthy habits slip during the never ending pandemic? Whole30 was shared to me by a coworker. It sounded interesting so I did some research and well here I go. ItContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge”