Whole30 Challenge Day 17

Where do you go out for date night that’s Whole30 approved? No drinking, no fried food, no pizza, no desserts and no pasta? The struggle is real! While finding a place to eat out is already hard enough. Finding a place open late on a Saturday in a COVID world was another struggle. We foundContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 17”

Whole30 Challenge Day 16

I’m more of a vegetarian now than I’ve ever been. I’ve been a lacto ovo vegetarian now for about 16 years and my diet has never been so full of fruits and vegetables. Pastas, cheese, beans, soy products, peanut butter, and other dairy have always been a HUGE chunk of my daily diet. Now IContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 16”

Whole30 Challenge Day 15

It’s finally the halfway point and it’s time to start reaping the benefits of whole clean eating for weeks. Cutting out dairy and adding a ton of extra vitamins and minerals have done wonders on my hair and skin. While it is still no match for the irritating ‘mascne’ there’s hope for everything else. IContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 15”

Whole30 Challenge Day 14

Whole30 Confessional: I may or may not have eaten a few Lara bars last night. Okay not a few like 6. But at least they were minis right? I’m going to just blame the zoodles. I did set myself up for failure. I was so worried about making the fancy sauce and zoodles I reallyContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 14”

Whole30 Challenge Day 13

Still amped up with the excitement to try new recipes. I left cashews soak in water for the day and borrowed a food processor to try cashew Alfredo sauce. I found the recipe on “Stay fit Mom.”Recipe Cashew Alfredo (Whole30 Approved) 2 cups cashews Salt and pepper 2 teaspoons olive oil 1 tablespoon ghee 1.5-2Continue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 13”

Whole30 Challenge Day 12

As a mother and educator nothing quite compares to a Monday off. I was able to sleep in thanks to the hubby. It felt like Sunday all day. We relaxed from a long weekend of traveling and finished laundry. I took my son out shopping and to a new favorite coffee spot ‘Bon Bon’s.’ SleepContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 12”

Whole30 Challenge Day 11

Day 11 was a hard one. I can’t tell if the increase in appetite is from traveling, late bedtimes, extra walking/swimming, or because of an off schedule meal times. Everything sounded good to eat. There were home fries, Taco Bell, leftover pizza, cold beer, Frappuccinos, pop, and donuts. Everything looked and sounded so good. ItContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 11”

Whole30 Challenge Day 10

The biggest success of Whole30 for me so far has been not feeling like a total bloated mess. Day 10 of the challenge and my energy is back, here’s to positive double digits. Vacationing and dieting are ridiculously hard, but it’s completely doable. No drinking, no sweets, no pizzas, and no ranch. Yikes! There’s beenContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 10”

Whole30 Challenge Day 9

These past two days have been super duper hard. I’ve been tired and having cravings. I resisted the urge to get my favorite drink at Starbucks and stayed clear of the Doritos (what a weird craving). Yesterday, I did find the energy to survive a 3 year old’s mega tantrum, run 3.5 miles after workContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 9”

Whole30 Challenge Day 8

It’s pretty easy to get in a food rut. I’m finding I’m eating a lot of the same food often. This makes it easier for prepping meals on the go, but it can get old. It may be time to shake things up a little bit. Breakfast: applesauce, peaches, coffee+unsweetened almond milk Snack: mini LaraContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 8”