Whole30 Challenge Day 20

I thought it was just me, but I read recently something about Whole30 that made me feel a little better. There will be days where you aren’t very hungry and nothing sounds good and other days you’ll want to eat anything and everything and still be hungry. (I feel like this can happen when you’reContinue reading “Whole30 Challenge Day 20”

Weird Things Moms Do

Weird Thing #1 Moms are great warriors of the home, keeper of the kids, mega multitaskers. But let’s face it we do some weird and questionable things. Weird thing #1 is not only strange, but just plain unsanitary. I’m talking about saving your positive pregnancy tests. That’s right you know who you are out there.Continue reading “Weird Things Moms Do”

What is Pursuit of the MotYA?

We are all in constant pursuit of something. Especially moms. We can’t help but to always want to do our best. How can I get ahead on groceries? What is my son going to want for his birthday? Am I doing everything I can to give my kids the best possible education? It’s that driveContinue reading “What is Pursuit of the MotYA?”