Going to the Movies at Home?

This photo was taken back in March right before everything closed. The last movie we went to in an actual theater was Disney Pixar’s Onward. Yes I said the whole family, mom, dad, 4 year-old and 2 year-old.

While we were grateful to see our local drive-in recently open back up at 50% capacity, as a family we are still keeping an eye out for the early access movies on Disney + or looking at renting or rent-to-own digitally at home. What’s your stance on buying or renting from home?

Just a few months ago my son and myself included were very much looking forward to watching the new Scooby-Doo movie Scoob! in theaters. There’s still a small chance it could happen in a socially-distanced drive-in theater style, but for now we are looking at the possibility of spending the $$ to watch it at home and skip out of the much-loved movie theater experience.

We don’t mind taking our little ones to the theater. Together we’ve watched Frozen II, Toy Story 4, X-MEN Apocalypse (little one slept most the time), Aladdin (live action), Secret Life of Pets 2 (with grandma), and Onward.

Now we’re at home looking at the rental prices of renting $19.99 (create your own experience) or buy digital for $24.99.

If you want to get creative you could set up a digital projector outside and have your own drive-in style experience. There’s a lot of movie theaters in our area still selling movie theater popcorn for pick up. For now, we’ll probably all get settled in the living room or basement, turn out the lights, pop some popcorn, and buy a few special snacks to watch Scoob! at home.

Tips taking little ones to movies:

Usually it’s a hit or miss chance you take with any children going to the theaters. Some couples we know choose to not bring little ones at all and that’s great too.

Our preference is going to the Drive-IN. Auburn-Garrett Drive In of Auburn, IN is just a few minutes away with great prices. We get there early to get a nice spot for the kids to see bringing mosquito spray, snacks, toys, pajamas, as well as pillows and blankets. Our drive-in typically plays two movies which gives us a great option to leave early if the kids have had enough and there’s plenty of space to spread out or get their wiggles out.

Nap Time: Our 4 year-old is old enough to sit through a movie and loves going to the theater especially when he gets to share popcorn or pick out a special snack just for him. Our 2 year-old does okay, but when she was younger going during nap time allowed her to come along for free and the loud movie was really just white noise to her little ears. As most parents know this is not a fool-proof plan. Other times we let grandma take the oldest to spoil him and we kept our daughter who just wasn’t ready to sit through a movie.

Date Night: Not highly recommended again, but you can go during an off time with a younger child (just be mindful of the theater and how loud they can be or of those around you). We remove ourselves with our younger ones and take turns soothing them if necessary. Some theaters have special toddler time. If you wait a few weeks after a release you can get lucky and have an empty or almost empty theater. Most likely you’ll have to leave with an unhappy baby or go for a walk to soothe them to sleep. Depends on the needs of your baby all babies are different. The time of day and the mood your baby in can make a huge difference too.


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