Covid-19 Wrong Message?

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I don’t deny that Covid-19 is real and that it’s really making people sick and taking peoples’ lives healthy or not but I do have a question?

Why has there been so much more push for people to wear masks, isolate, bunker down, quarantine, social distance, get a vaccine, and wash your hands and not a different direction?

Shouldn’t we also be receiving the message and promoting an equally effective if not more effective method to treat this pandemic?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a nurse or doctor or qualified medical professional in any way shape or form. HOWEVER, don’t you think this would have been a great time to promote better health habits?

For example:

QUIT SMOKING to promote your chances to overcoming symptoms of Covid-19 and well a lot of other health issues.

EAT HEALTHIER to increase your overall health (not order in EVERY meal because it’s deemed ‘safe.’

Get REGULAR exercise. Even if you are isolating or quarantining there are a lot of ways to stay active and improve your overall health. Not just binge watch a series and never leave the couch because it’s safe and the media says it’s okay.

Improve your Immune System. Make sure you are getting proper vitamins and minerals, not just Vitamin C.

Wash your Hands, but let’s try to reduce the use of hand sanitizer, bleach, Clorox and Lysol wipes (A LOT OF THESE ARE VERY HARMFUL when directly in contact with your skin) especially in an abundance.

Mental Health I don’t know if anyone’s mental health will be the same after 2020.

The importance of getting enough Sleep is so underrated. The stress and anxiety these lockdowns and never ending guidelines don’t help with this at all.

What difference would it have made if we spent an entire YEAR focusing on these factors instead of the CDC guidelines to slow the spread or flatten the curve? Where would we be now? Was it always about the money?


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