Whole30 Challenge Day 10

Vacationing in one of our favorite places with family and the in laws.

The biggest success of Whole30 for me so far has been not feeling like a total bloated mess. Day 10 of the challenge and my energy is back, here’s to positive double digits. Vacationing and dieting are ridiculously hard, but it’s completely doable. No drinking, no sweets, no pizzas, and no ranch. Yikes! There’s been a lot of temptations, but bringing safe foods and condiments have definitely helped. I feel great swimming in the pools and playing with the kids!

Breakfast: 4 eggs scrambled, banana, coffee+unsweetened almond milk

Snack: mini Lara bar, 2 shots of espresso

Lunch: lettuce, cranberries, walnuts, and coconut, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, and unsweetened almond milk

Snack: Lara bar, applesauce, almonds and cashews

Dinner: baked potato with ghee (I tried this for the first time today it wasn’t too bad.) freeze dried mix fruit, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, and almond milk

Snack: peaches, pears

Takeaway: Whole30 is allowing me to try new things. I was able to find a sugar free ketchup to try and an avocado oil. Usually when you vacation to a familiar place you go to the same places, eat the same things, and buy the same stuff you forget there are other delights to find.


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